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 Our Animal Control Officers and Animal Cruelty Investigators are NJ State Certified and participating in ongoing state training programs throughout the year. We are not only members of CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) and CART (County Animal Rescue Team) but we are also instructors for these courses. We have also completed many FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) courses and continue to do so as they become available. We are Certified in First Aid/CPR for not only people, children and infants, but for pets as well!  We had been deployed to the Red Cross / FEMA shelter in Mahwah during Hurricane Sandy and were responsible for the registration, care, comfort, safety of the displaced homeowners and, for the first time, for those who were able to bring their pets to the shelter with them. Although these residents had no home to go to, they felt at home having their pets at their side. This was a win-win situation for all!  
We are always on "stand-by", ready for the next opportunity to help our fellow NJ residents!

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Our Mission

Our mission at Bergen County Humane Enforcement is to "Protect and Rescue" as many of the lost, stray and unwanted domestic animals as possible. With the professional use of humane traps and well planned trapping techniques, we are also able to capture and relocate various wildlife to safer locations. We also seek medical assistance and rehabilitation for any animals that are injured.


Our Work  |   What work we've done



In addition to rescuing, protecting and relocating animals, we work very closely with many rescue groups and shelters to help find domestic animals their new fur-ever homes. Our aim is to keep animals off the streets and in a loving and caring environment. We also provide pet owners with advice and solutions to their animal related problems.


We provide Animal Control services for the Eastern Bergen County area and utilize our very own NO-KILL shelter, the first in Eastern Bergen County!



T-N-R Location

 Learn all about T-N-R and how you can help save many homeless cats.


What is T-N-R?

T-N-R is the best way to stabilize feral cat colonies in an area. It provides control over the amount of cat and their ability to reproduce. When a cat has gone through the T-N-R process, the veterinarian will clip the tip of the ear to mark that this cat has been trapped and treated accordingly.


Where to find T-N-R?

 Many local Veterinarians and Animal Clinics participate in the T-N-R program. They offer reasonable/affordable pricing and require an appointment for each cat. Local animal control officers and rescue groups can assist you with providing helpful tips and/or the materials necessary for safely trapping feral cats.

Find participating clinics at SPAYNJ.ORG.


The Bergen County Humane Enforcement Supports T-N-R


 We are cooperatively working with several cat rescue groups in our community, targeting specific areas for T-N-R. Please fill out the form below to report a possible feral cat colony in your area. Someone from our organization will be contacting you to schedule a T-N-R setup date for your area.


Request T-N-R Assistance


Request T-N-R Assistance

Please complete this form to alert the Bergen County Humane Enforcement of possible feral cat colonies in your area.
 All applications will be reviewed and answered in a timely manner.






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Services  |  What we do best


Wildlife Removal



Using properly planned trapping techniques and humane traps, we capture nuisance wildlife on private property and relocate them to a more conducive environment within town borders. We provide this service for a nominal fee to private residents and businesses where an animal or human might be in danger. Any injured wildlife will be transported to the proper authorities for treatment.

We shelter lost pets until reunited with rightful owner. The states requires a holding period of a minimum of 7 days and proof of ownership is necessary for reclaiming lost pets. Animals that remain at the shelter after 7 days will be available for adoption.

BCHE works closely with various rescue groups, shelters and veterinarians to help find unwanted/unclaimed animals new loving homes. We follow a adoption guideline to ensure that each animal is placed in a safe environment. Check out Eastern Bergen County's very own NO-KILL shelter at www.BCrescues.org!




We quarantine dangerous animals for the state required time frame then release according to state guidelines. We also quarantine animals for court-related issues.

BCHE takes all animal abuse and neglect complaints seriously and will investigate every case to its fullest to ensure that an animal is being properly cared for.


Animal neglect and abuse can be reported to the BCHE for investigation. Please go to our contact page for further information.



Our aim is to help pet owners maintain a comfortable living environment for everyone including their pets. We enforce maintaining a decent noise ordinance, pet boarding and health of any pets living in a residential area or business.

Emergency Response

BCHE will provide emergency care and boarding for any animal involved in an emergency situation such as a fire, flood or natural disaster.


Dead Animal Removal

 We will remove any dead animal in a public area.

Noise Ordinance

For noise ordinance violations, please call us or contact us by email with a brief description of the violation, the complete address of where the violation is taking place and the best way for you to be reached.

Trapping Assistance:

 Please call us for assistance with trapping nuisance wildlife.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Please contact us by email for a list of our available volunteer opportunities with the BCHE.

    All applicants will be required to take a training course with our professionally trained officers prior to becoming a volunteer.

Contact  | Get in touch with us.| To place a complaint:


    For immediate assistance, please call us at 201-621-4111.



Phone:        201-621-4111

Location:  302 2nd Street Cliffside Park, NJ  O7010

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